Review of my Book by Norman Lemoine

92 and Dancing introduces the fearless Cecelia, and chronicles a lifetime of adventure. This intriguing story follows the contours of the author’s journey through the years into old age. In her narration, the adventures of her early years set the stage for the bursts of energy and a wealth of accomplishments later in life. The moral of her story-and there is one- is that aging is a gift, an opportunity and a new beginning. For her, life surprises and beckons at every corner. For her, there is always another trip to plan, another friend to meet, another project to initiate, another outing to suggest, another mountain to climb, another village to visit, another cause to support.

To anyone who might conclude that accomplishments end with retirement or that life dims with the passing of years, she responds with a resounding “not so”. In 92 and Dancing, Cecelia Hurwich proclaims, in her words and by her example that life can be repeatedly renewed. “Why stop at a master’s degree in psychology when a Ph.D. is within reach — even when you are at an age when most people are thinking of their imminent retirement.”

It becomes clear in reading 92 and Dancing that the author has not only been blessed with good fortune, but also that she simply will not allow bad fortune to fell her. More important — perhaps the “secret” to her enduring vitality — she is always willing to share her good fortune; the door to her home, her life and her heart are always open. In the same way that she has shared her life with friends, children, husband and life companion, she is as generous with us as she draws us into her story. And what a story! She takes us to China in the 1930s, WWII in the ‘40s, and then Esalen, Everest and Kilimanjaro, just to give a taste of her inspiring life.

92 and Dancing is a primer on how to be creatively engaged, how to discover and explore new opportunities, and how to make the most of every experience. Cecelia celebrates her defiance of stereotypes, never lets being a woman in the 1940s, 50’s and 60’s, growing old or any other obstacle impede her in any way. She lets her own forward movement into her 93rd year stand as a model of what is possible. The story of her life speaks to the human spirit’s boundless energy which has been transformed into so many accomplishments, a Ph.D., participation in White House Councils on Aging, and travels around the world.

92 and Dancing is a readable enjoyable chronicle of this most amazing life. An able story teller, Cecelia intrigues, fascinates and inspires. She brings the reader along from chapter to chapter of her life always engaged, waiting to be surprised and never disappointed.

Norman Lemoine
April, 2013


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