92 and dancing

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Cecelia Hurwich’s 92 and Dancing is a tale of adventure and adversity set against the backdrop of the 20th century’s great events. Growing up in China and the San Francisco Bay Area, she worked her way through college during the Great Depression, served as a lieutenant in the navy during World War II, married a naval officer, and raised three children. Following a transformative experience Hurwich divorced, traveled to India, became an environmental activist, and embarked on adventurous treks around the world, eventually reuniting with the love of her life. At age 70 she earned a Ph.D. and became an authority on vital aging. She used the wisdom gained from her own research to find the inner strength and personal meaning to carry on with joy –still dancing at the age of 92!

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Quotes & Blurbs

“Stretching across cultures, continents and decades, this zestful book tells the story of a woman who has lived life to the fullest. Each year overflows with adventure, drama, and fun, and at the age of 92 she is still dancing. Read this book and you have no choice but to head out on to the dance floor, take her hand and be swept away by her vitality, wit, humanity and charm.”

Malcolm Margolin
Executive Director/ Publisher, Heydey

“In her groundbreaking memoir, Cecelia shares her pioneering insights into aging, how and why women should use this time to go for it, to toss out expectations about who they should be in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, and beyond into elderhood. I am blessed, as you will be, to have her autobiography to midwife us into our later years.”

Karen Sands
Author of Visionaries Have Wrinkles

“Cecelia will dance right into your heart and soul, endlessly inspiring you with her positive energy, her commitment to all that is good and just in our world, and her loving caring spirit –constantly working to make everything better. She listens –hears– and dances to the ‘music of life’.

The Honorable MeraLee Goldman
Cultural Ambassador, City of Beverly Hills, CA


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